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    NC230 wonít work at all

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    Iíve been at this for a while and canít get my NC230 to work at all. I got it second hand from my sister who said she had no problems with it. For me however, during the setup everything seems to go fine until it tries to link the camera to cloud. It says no network connection which isnít true because my routerís client list shows it connected. I try to use local only and it doesnít work either. It just wonít connect. Iíve tried this process many times even after hard resetting the camera and removing it from the app. I did this both over Ethernet cable and also using WPS several times. I can even get into the cameras IP address web page and everything would seem to indicate itís connected. But it wonít display any video feed in the live view. The firmware is up to date also, so Iím completely out of ideas. Anyone have anything that can help me? Please Iím desperate. Cause honestly Iím ready to give up. The next step is to trash it and buy a new camera (and it wonít be TP-Link).

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    The system led on the camera is solid green? Is there security setting on your router like MAC filtering or access control?
    Check network connection on the web page:

    use IP address of the camera +port 8080 to see if you can live view, for example:


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